Skyscraper could boost students’ confidence

Photo by Austen KleinSophomore Dennis Allen aims to the sky before entering the school building.
Photo by Austen Klein
Sophomore Dennis Allen aims to the sky before entering the school building.

Austen Klein

Given the new renovations to the Webster Groves High School (WGHS), there remains no room for expansion …horizontally, at least.

A universal principle that everyone should agree upon without question is that size does matter. Webster students hear relentless foreign remarks of others proclaiming the “size” of their school buildings i.e. it is a proclamation of physical superiority.

The fact is that Webster may not be a small school, but other schools are bigger, and WGHS can do better — this should be realized.

As the student and faculty body reveled in recent efforts of school construction, there remained one last frontier to contemplate — the sky.

WGHS must complete its legacy as a skyscraper…with convenient roof parking.

The well-being, happiness and success of the district’s students depend on the ability of the school to create a necessary and healthy relationship with the students. There are only benefits to this construction (deducted by money) that include convenient parking, building confidence among the students, having a skyscraper as a school, being an icon in the sky of education among the Saint Louis region and convenient rooftop parking.

The appropriate size of the skyscraper should so that it is easily seen by all other county schools. When Webster students are asked of their place of education, students shall respond with “Well, you know…*looks at skyscraper*.”

No more shall Webster hear the condescending attempts of other students proclaiming the worth of their school; Webster students shall possess superior leverage and domination in those discussions.

All who oppose the school will be crushed in spirit, dignity and some other third thing by the magnificence of the Webster Groves High School – that should be taken subtly, of course.

This is the only logical solution for the school to pursue…and students need more parking…

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