Op-ed: ‘State-of-the-art’ hand dryers

Sophomores Carter Kinstler, Joe Reinhardt and Jeremy Spriggs attempt to obtain paper towels from a Kimberly-Clark paper towel dispenser to dry their hands in the men’s bathroom.Photo by Austen Klein

Sophomores Carter Kinstler, Joe Reinhardt and Jeremy Spriggs attempt to obtain paper towels from a Kimberly-Clark paper towel dispenser to dry their hands in the men’s bathroom.
Photo by Austen Klein

Austen Klein

Earth is an unforgiving place; everyone, everywhere, struggles for decent hand sanitation to make the most out of a wretched fate called, “life.”

Since the establishment of the Webster Groves High School, students have endured blood, sweat and tears in pursuit of attending their classes on time.

It becomes almost heartbreaking when observing these students trying to dry their hands efficiently, but ultimately, they all breakdown in humiliating shame – knowing that the severity of their tardiness, if the situation wasn’t already abject enough, may even result in…a detention; that doesn’t just come off a student’s record — it takes six weeks to reset!

It’s not fair to punish students with the installation of hand-dryers and paper towels. The students’ timely arrival to their classes being dependent upon the efficiency of drying their hands with paper towels and flimsy hand dryers is not the social contract of this generation that students have signed; it was the past generations who agreed upon this madness! Today, students live in an age where they forcibly inherited this….and in a democracy too.

Webster Groves High School, it’s time to end this contract — the contract with Bradley and Kimberly-Clark, and it’s time to sign a new contract with Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi has perhaps created one of the most convenient inventions in technology – a hand-dryer that works. The Mitsubishi high speed hand dryer, which originated in Japan, is a comforting and hope-inspiring idea that is spreading like wild-fire to developed nations of the world.

According to Mitsubishi, the product can dry an individual’s hands in seven seconds or less; it was hard to think that this could even be real. The product is so efficient, that really only one is needed per bathroom – at least the ones of most use.

Furthermore, it provides students a sense of security in their schedule: the students know that their worries of arriving to class late will be put to rest.

The costs of such a necessity are the worth of mere pennies…with a few exponents that equate to a reasonable price of around $1,400 – but price isn’t important however… surely it is the interest and happiness of the innocent student and faculty body that is always the objective.

To deprive the school of this is just unreasonable.

If Americans cannot catch up and understand this technology, they may find themselves confused and perhaps even useless in the bathroom of the future.

Please Webster Groves High School, take the time to invest in the possibility of upgrading the school’s hand drying technology soon for the students, faculty, and for justice.

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