Marketing II/DECA puts on second annual Mr. Webster Pageant

Phil Solari

Marketing class is putting on its second annual Mr. Webster pageant to raise money for its class trip to New York City in January.

The pageant consists of 10 seniors and two juniors competing to be crowned Mr. Webster. The contestants are juniors and Spencer Milford, and seniors Jack Kemper, Anton Frommelt, Bryce Jackson, Alan Smith, Bently Green, Matt Foster, Zeb Bates, Andrew Gurney, Mike Barbercheck and Sam Kraus. The show consists of talent, questions and modeling. The winner of the pageant gets a free tuxedo rental to wear at prom.

Months before the pageant the Mr. Webster contestants all have to make their own promotional videos that relate to them and can help win their classmates over. The contestants have to market and promote themselves to get students to vote for them. Votes will be done via text message at the end of the Mr. Webster pageant.  The four Marketing II students responsible for setting up Mr. Webster are seniors Phoebe Mendelson, Jack Drexl, Redmond Reilly, and Brittany Schweiger.

“I’m excited for the turn out this year,” said Mendelson. “I think it’s going to be big.”

The pageant is Dec. 6, and will be held in the Knight auditorium and tickets are $5 at the door.

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