MVP tackles ISS at high school


Photo by Cal Lanouette
Keenan Miller begins working as Webster’s new ISS teacher this year.

Cal Lanouette

 Students may know ISS teacher Keenan Miller as a former substitute at Steger and Hixson, but he’s more than a sub. Miller is a semi-pro fullback for the Northeast Cyclones.

Miller is a starting back for the Cyclones and was named first team All-American fullback for the National Football Events All-American game in 2008.

In 2009, Miller was named the championship game Most Valuable Player (MVP).

In 2010, Miller was one of two running backs selected to go to workouts for a couple of United States Football League teams (UFL). The teams were the Las Vegas Locomotives and Sacramento Mountain Lions. Miller’s key career stats so far are Touchdowns- 42, Receiving Yards (YDs) – 926 and Rushing Yards (YDs) – 2399.

Miller’s team has its championship game in a couple weeks, so he may be named championship MVP again.

With this semi-pro success, one would think one of his greater sports moments would come from football, but Miller said that moment happened in junior high, when his roller hockey team won the National Roller Hockey Championship.

Healso played baseball, hockey, football and select soccer. Miller was asked by schools in the St. Louis area to play soccer for them.

In the summer, Miller does landscaping for his own business. Miller said he likes working on ponds the most.

 Miller got his degree in civil engineering at the University of Missouri-Rolla (MST).

 Miller is the new ISS teacher and the son of Dr. Alice P. Miller, Hixson assistant principal.

 Miller said Hixson was his favorite place to sub because he already felt like a staff member and knew most of the staff.

 Students seem to enjoy Miller as a substitute. Sophomore Tilton Yokley said, “He made us stay on track & he was pretty chill about it.”

 Yokley advised Miller to be more strict and serious as an ISS teacher. Yokley added he liked Miller’s laid back personality.

 Miller said he likes teaching at Webster. He likes the atmosphere Webster has, and he enjoys talking with students.

Miller said his proudest moments are when he influences a student in positive ways and helps that student get what he or she needs done and always loves to see positive changes come from his teachings.

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