Sarah Jones pursues animation after graduation

Serenity Barron
Feature/Entertainment Editor

Senior Sarah Jones displays talent in ceramics and will take this talent with her to college.

Jones has taken ceramics, multimedia design and web design at the high school.

“I didn’t know I wanted to go into art until I took Antrim’s class. She’s been a great mentor, ” said Jones.

Karen Antrim teaches ceramics, where students can design and create pots and sculptures.

“Her pottery and sculpture show a sophistication, quality and maturity in experience,” said Antrim.

Jones’s favorite pieces are her ceramic doll house or her ceramic pit fired monster. She has had ceramic pieces in the Lindenwood Art Show 2012 and the Student Artists and Their Teachers show 2011. Jones has been a volunteer for the pit firing at Faust Folk Festival 2011 and raku firing at Webster University 2011 and 2012.

Jones wants to “start out doing animations for movies and games. Then maybe get into independent games [where I would be] making my own stuff with a small group of people, or maybe robotics.”

“Sarah is a very mature young woman who holds high expectations for herself and the others around her,” said Antrim.

Along with art Jones has been involved in the Philosophy club. Sarah is going to peruse the arts at Emerson or Prat. Jones has received scholarships for her works, $30,000 from NYU, $12,000 from North Eastern, and $10,000 from California.

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