Hill, a leader in the community will pursue law

Serenity Barron
Entertainemnt/ Feature Editor

Cari Hill has put her heart into the high school and the Webster Groves community with her time and effort
“Cari Hill is leader who lifts up those around her intellectually, morally, and emotionally,” said Adam Conway.

 Hill has been involved in Reflections (editor), Softball, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Circle of Friends, Students as Allies and Hi-Step at the high school.

Cari Hill played six different positions on the softball team, receiving the team leadership award.

Hill volunteers with Kids Under Twenty One (KUTO) where she acts as a crisis worker on the teen suicide help line, Webster’s Garden club, Saint Louis Gateway Classic Sports Foundation, National Honor Society where she volunteers to rake leaves around the community and serves as a guide during parent teacher conferences.

Hill also represented WGHS in Washington DC in the week long National Leadership Conference.

These activities have not just been beneficial to others but to Hill as well.

“Each activity has taught me a life lesson I do not think I would have gotten otherwise…I get joy and pride out of everything I do. It is so rewarding to know that I can help others and at the same time encourage positive behavior,” said Hill.

Hill was Ms. Webster 2011, nominated to be the commencement speaker at graduation and nominated for the Eagle award. She will be reading names at graduation.

 “I love being a part of class of 2012. I am even more excited to read names at the graduation and I will definitely be asking about pronunciations so I do not butcher names!,” said Cari Hill.

“I would say that I am proud of everything that I have accomplished these past four years…I would not have accomplished anything without all the support I have received…by family and friends, faculty at the high school, as well as my community…I am so thankful,” said Hill.

Hill will be attending Saint Louis University or William Jewell, planning to major in Social Psychology and enter a Pre-Law program. She wants to become a District Attorney in the future.

 “She is an outstanding young lady with a very bright future,” said Betty Roberts.

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