Hickey excels in running, service


Senior Brianna Hickey races to be first at Moss Field.

Stephanie Whelan
Staff Writer

Senior Brianna Hickey has used her high school years to excel in sports and serve her community in clubs and organizations.

Hickey is a member of Outdoor club run by David Cady. She is also in Psychology Club, National Honor Society, and is the president of the German National Honor Society.

As for sports she is on track and cross country. She is a three-year varsity track runner and has run for three-year’s total. Hickey is also the track captain. As for cross country, Hickey is the cross country statesman award runner of the year, MVP rookie of the year. Hickey is a two-time State qualifier, has run Varsity three years and, three years running total for cross country.

About how she handles all these clubs and sports, Hickey said, “I find that when I am busy I am able to get more things done and I don’t procrastinate as much.”

Hickey has decided on going to University of Chicago, “I’m getting $15,000 a year for financial aid. It’s a needs based school so it doesn’t give merit scholarships,” she said. Hickey signed to run cross country, indoor track and outdoor track.

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