Twin brother’s journeys taking separate paths

Sebastian Sabev
Staff Writer

Most schools have at least one set of twins that walk the halls. The Class of 2012 got the pair of Keaton and Trey Adams. 

From fighting over the same baby toys, to little league, to getting ready to walk the graduation stage on the same night, Trey and Keaton have stuck together.

The biggest thing they have in common is sports. Trey played Varsity Basketball, and Keaton played Varsity Volleyball. They also played Varsity football together, Trey primarily being a tight end and Keaton a cornerback. They made two State runs.

They’ve both won their fair share of awards and scholarships. Both are getting full rides to their respective colleges, Keaton with the Chick Evans Caddy Scholarship, and Trey with his basketball scholarship. In terms of local scholarships, Keaton received the Statesmen Club Spirit award, and Trey got a WGHS Parents Club scholarship. Along with numerous other scholarships for each of them, both were very successful with their rewards.

After all these years, Trey’s and Keaton’s journeys are finally taking separate paths. Keaton will attend Mizzou in the fall, while Trey is going to Greenville College in Illinois, where he will play basketball.

“They’re a couple of great guys,” said football coach Cliff Ice. “I’ve known their family for a while, and it was a fun experience being able to coach them.”

“They’re each their own person. They might be twins but still have their individualism. In the end they’re both dependable, go-to guys,” said Ice.

It’s going to be weird not living in the same house together like they have all these years, but the brothers won’t be far apart. The two schools are both about two hours from St. Louis, so they should easily make it back for Turkey Day and Christmas reunions.

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