Freshman shows soccer talent

Sydney Gran
Staff Writer

Freshman phenomenon Maddie Pokorny played Varsity women’s basketball and started Varsity women’s soccer.

“She is probably the most dynamic player we have in our program and I cannot wait to see her progress, and by senior year I think she will have been one of the best players to have ever gone through our program,” said head varsity coach Chris Allen.

Pokorny was thrown into sports fairly young, which has been to Webster’s athletic advantage.

“She is a tough player and can certainly hold out,” said sophomore Natalie Peterson.

An athlete as a child, Pokorny started soccer in about fifth grade then continued on with basketball as a past time.

“I played select soccer from about age 10-15, and then I switched over to a team that my dad made called Webster United when I was about 11. We play futsal now, but it’s not as big anymore because we have all gone onto high school sports, and after high school season is over, I hope to go back to select soccer just to keep playing,” said Pokorny.

The Webster United team still plays, just not as often or as serious as when it began.

During the women’s basketball season, Pokorny started JV and occasionally played in Varsity games.

“Playing with both teams helped me I think get better, and the seasons was really fun, and I got to be friends with a lot of the upperclassmen,” said Pokorny.

Although Pokorny has years left to decide what she wants to do athletically in college, she seems to have a good idea of where she may end up.

“I’m thinking for basketball I just want to play in high school, but I would want to get a scholarship for soccer,” Pokorny said.

With the women’s soccer season off with a record of 14 – 4, Allen and Pokorny, have high hopes for the soccer team, which is where Pokorny’s heart seems to be set.

“I think we can go all the way (to State) if we just keep playing our style,” said Pokorny.

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