Class clown chooses to join National Guard

Senior Tony Smith makes a tackle as his Final game of the season comes to a close. (Photo by Wilma Slaughter)

Joshua Willis
Staff Writer

When walking through the halls, senior Tony Smith may be one of the most noticeable students. His long black dreadlocks, goofy smile and loud voice are all very recognizeable.

He was named the class clown in senior superlatives; however, as his time in high school draws to an end, Smith realizes he wants to do something serious with his life. Smith wants to join the National Guard.

“I was a huge class clown all through my years here. I have been loud and sometimes disruptive, but now I am getting myself onto the right track,” said Smith.

Throughout high school, Smith also participated in football, and was the spokesman for the Webster Eats program. Smith was asked to be the spokesperson for Webster eats by Dr. Jon Clark

“I chose him along with Mr. (John) E. Thomas because he was always at breakfast, he’s a senior, and he just so happens to know a lot of people. That was a good way to get the message out there,” said Clark.
“Dr. Clark fell in love with my voice, when I made an announcement back in Black History Month, so they asked me and of course I said, ‘Yes.’ I think they noticed a lot of people were listening to me,” said Smith.

Smith played defensive lineman on the football field, and loves the sport.

“When I leave here, I will miss a lot. I will really miss playing football with the guys and learning from all my great coaches, but overall I will miss the teachers and staff here at Webster that care for me and have helped me through all of my hard times I faced in high school,” said Smith.

“I’m going to miss being a kid. Now I have to leave for college and be on my own, but that’s part of life, and I have to face it that I can’t always be goofy like I was here,” said Smith.

Smith will clearly miss the high school but will never forget it.

Smith is set to join the National Guard and hopefully make a change for the better.

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