Marketing student looks for company to adopt business idea

Josh Willis
Staff Writer

Sophomore Symone Palmer pitched an idea to Yo My Goodness (a frozen custard shop) and is waiting for a response.

“At first, it started just as a small class project and then turned into a good idea, and as I progressed it, it turned into a great idea, and now it is final in the making,” explained Palmer.
Lizzie Thompson, business department instructor, pitched this idea to the manager at Yo My Goodness, and Palmer is still waiting for that reply.

“I mean all they have to do is recycle, you know paper, plastic, and many people don’t know but recycle ink cartages too,” Palmer explained.

“That’s the idea just recycle, and that’s not too hard to do, but many people don’t see and realize that it’s not a big thing to do but it can make a huge difference,” said Palmer.

“The idea isn’t picked up, and even if they do want to go along with this plan I would still have to come up with a contract that would benefit me and their company,” Palmer said.

“Me pitching this idea was just something I came up with in my marketing class as a project. It would be really nice if this new idea gets adopted, and many people can use it. It will help Yo My Goodness, the community and everyone else,” said Palmer.

The idea was smart and could affect in possibly a big and definitely a good way for the company and for the community around Yo My Goodness.

This new “go green” idea will bring a lot more attention to the company from the public and the community around Yo My Goodness.

“It would also attract many others that like to recycle and know that it is the right thing to do,” said Palmer.

The idea was a project for Palmer’s marketing class which helped her in class but also gave her some business perspective of what could help companies, her and in the community. As of now the idea hasn’t been picked up, but as Palmer looks past this idea, she hopes to come up with plenty more new ideas, not just for class but for any company she finds that needs the help.

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