Women’s lacrosse checks into new season

Sydney Gran
Staff Writer

Women’s lacrosse Varsity and JV teams began their season with the first game on Tuesday, March 27.

“Well, we lost a lot of our major players last year and a lot of our leadership, but we have a lot of younger girls coming in who are willing to step it up, and we have a really hard division to play in, but we’re going to work towards it and do what we can,” said junior Anna Heindinger.

“I think it will go okay. We have a young team this year. It might be a little rough in the beginning, but I think it will go well,” said senior Isabelle Perman.

Any opposing team is considered to be a rival, especially Kirkwood.

“Obviously Kirkwood, but we are in a high conference, so we are playing a lot of private schools, and usually private schools are a lot better and tougher just because they have more experience,” said Perman.

Few girls like Perman and sophomore Katy McHugh, both spoke about private schools being such great rivals, but spoke with confidence they will win many games this season even against some high conference schools with the help of head coach Josh Palacios.

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