Webster girls compete in wrestling

Sydney Gran and Stephanie Whelan
Staff Writers

With wrestling season at its peak, with numerous wins, you would think to congratulate the guys, but what about the girls? Yes, the freshmen girls.

Wrestling this year has welcomed three freshmen girls, Ellie Hintze, SeVana Bierman, and Kayla Mack. Through hard work, dedication and consistency, all three girls have faced many male opponents, with numerous victories in which they are very proud of. The three girls have yet to match a female opponent, but have high hopes to, said head wrestling coach James LeMay.

“My cousins are all wrestlers so when we would always go down to Columbia to visit them they have a huge mat, and they would do all these moves on me, so I guess I just really wanted to try it,” said Hintze.

“It was Ellie that really got me into it, she actually wanted a girls team, but not enough girls wanted to sign up, and Kayla was already on it, and then I wanted to join. One of the guys actually talked to me about it and he said you should join, so I did,” said Bierman.

“Well it kind of started off with Ellie. She joined, and when I first found out, I thought it was really cool, so I thought if Ellie could do it, then why couldn’t I? So I ended up joining and I ended up really liking it,” said Mack.

The girls are not treated any different than any other male wrestlers. Working out and on the mat, everyone is a wrestler no matter what gender they may be.

“In our room they are not treated different at all. They are still young ladies, but they are treated as wrestlers, like the guys and as peers,” said LeMay.

LeMay added that the girls have truly become wrestlers.

“The greatest accomplishment that all three ladies have done is that they have become wrestlers. They work as hard as we do. They do the same practice. They prepare the same way. Really for me it’s almost a struggle to talk to them like they are just female wrestlers, because they are not just female wrestlers, they are wrestlers and that’s it.” said LeMay.

With all three girls keeping up with practice and work, very few changes had to be made. One of the few was attire. Male wrestlers wear what is called a singlet.

“We actually purchased new singlets for them and can thank Mr. Colllins for helping us fund their new uniforms. It’s similar to the boys’ singlets, but it has a higher cut,” said LeMay.

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