Warm weather provides winter relief, doesn’t affect snow days

A few inches of snow lie in the courtyard after the St. Louis area's first and only snow this far. (Photo by Kevin Killeen)

Kevin Killeen and Philip Solari
Editor-In-Chief and Staff Writer

During a time when most St. Louis families plan trips south to escape their “winter blues,” an unusual weather system has swept the area — providing spring-like weather in the middle of winter.

“This is record weather; our January was the fourth warmest in the U.S.” said KSDK meteorologist Cindy Pressler. “The jet stream has been so far north, so all the really cold arctic weather is up in Canada and Alaska.”

Last year Webster Groves School District had a total of six snow days, pushing back the last day of school by one day. A year later, the Greater St. Louis area has been treated with weather in the upper 60s and 70s during January and February—causing many plants to blossom early, and certainly not provoking any snow days.

“We’ve had a lot of things blooming already. That is very unusual for January and February,” said Pressler.

However, for students who think the lack of snow days may get them out of school a few days earlier—they’re wrong. The WGSD has “two snow days solidly built in each year,” said assistant principal John Raimondo, so whether there are two snow days or not, school will still end on the same date. If the district exceeds its amount of built in snow days, then it may have to add extra time on to each school day, or add extra school days.

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