Teacher self publishes 14 books

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Sarah McGrath has self-published 14 young adult books, starting when she was a senior in high school.

McGrath uses “LuLu but a couple of them are on Amazon, which makes them available for Kindles. Another website one could use to self-publish is Create Space.”

“CreateSpace, a member of the Amazon group of companies, provides one of the easiest, fastest and most economical ways to distribute content to millions of potential customers on Amazon.com and other channels,” said createspace.com.

McGrath tried finding a publishing company, but “it never worked…I am always looking,” said McGrath.

“Anyone can become a small publisher. You call the shots. You retain the rights to your book, and you take home a bigger royalty than you’d normally get from a traditional publisher–if you sell any books,” said David Carnoy of CNET news.

When McGrath has a creative writing class, she talks to students about how to self-publish their works.

McGrath mostly writes for middle schoolers. “I like folklore and fantasy mixed with real life,” said McGrath.

McGrath’s favorite book is Zach Farmer.

The book is about the disappearance of Zach Farmer and his two friends who forgot him in his moment of need. They search to figure out what really happened to him.

“The more I am with my student the more ideas I get…I have students that I have based characters off  of,” said McGrath.

“I would like to make more money off  it…but I write because I love it,” said McGrath.

Find her books by looking her up by her penn name Sarah Quinn on Amazon or LuLu.

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