Spring sports create excitement and stress

Sam Brown
Web Editor

 With spring sports fast approaching, athletes begin to feel the pressure and excitement for the season and tryouts, but stress levels seem to be raised as well.

“You’re expected to juggle all your other after school activities and homework and also attempt to go to all the pre-season things, which is a lot harder than people expect,” said sophomore Olivia Kohring.

The spring sports have had their ups and downs in the following years. Varsity soccer finished with a 16-13 record, varsity baseball with a 4-21 record, and men’s volleyball with a 28-5 record.

Stress for these sports is definitely raised as breaks come to a close and preparation starts. For many sports like soccer, open-gyms and workouts have started as early as November.

“It depends on the sport, but I think with soccer, there is a bit of stress,” said varsity soccer coach and science teacher Chris Allen. “Everyone is trying to get ready for tryouts which can be an extremely stressful week, so I think any player that is new to the program is kind of astonished by the sheer amounts of events we offer as well as the intensity that goes into them.”

Not only are sports stressful, but some students believed that all that added stress affects athlete’s grades.

“Studies have shown that athletes do better in school than non-athletes. I think athletes have better time management skills, so I don’t think it is as stressful as some people want you to believe,” said Allen.

If students are feeling stressed, good ways to relieve that is simply resting, prioritizing workloads so if people don’t want to be so stressed, do things early instead of last minute and also eating good, nutritional foods.

“If you’re willing to be a student athlete, then you should be up for working super hard,” said sophomore Marissa Medlin.

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