New club educates, enjoys works of Don Knotts

ImageSerenity Barron

Entertainment/Feature Editor

Don Knotts club was created, and about 30 members meet every Tuesday after school in Anne Marie Brewster‘s room.

Don Knotts was an actor and comedian who played in 30 movies and was on 58 television shows, according to Wikipedia.

“[The club] includes watching and educating on [the] humor and greatness of Don Knotts, said junior Will Patton.  At its first meeting the club watched The Reluctant Astronaut.

“There are a lot of people our age that don’t know about Don Knotts…the club tries to keep the never ending, fascinating, and timeless journey alive,” said junior Andrew Gurney.

The club was started to have others enjoy Knotts as the founders of the club do.

“They analyze the films they watch and enjoy themselves in a wholesome way,” said Brewster.

Any student can start a club at the high school with 65 signatures from fellow students, and administration and Student Council’s approval.

“If people take the initiative, they can get a lot more done than they think they can,” said Gurney

The club has a “substantial group of the student body that come,” said Patton.

“There are people that know Don Knotts, and people that know us, and some people that I have never met before…The Don Knotts club is bringing people together that normally wouldn’t be possible,” said Gurney.

Copyright infringement is always an issue when movies are shown.

“Nobody is paying to see anything, and there is either now or has been a film club and a class where they watch movies. I don’t believe that any class or club that watches a movie has made sure that there is no copyright infringement. I’m fairly certain it isn’t though, since no money is involved. These movies are also readily available to watch in 10 minute parts on Youtube too, and you can’t be punished for playing Youtube videos to an audience,” said Gurney.

The Student Press Law Center said that licensing fees and permission are required for music and films.

The Don Knotts club will continue watching movies at club meetings.

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