Drug use is debated in community

Police Officer Erich Weimer


Kevin Killeen and Addie Conway

Editor in Chief and Columnist

2010-2011: the word “heroin” was thrown around like a baseball at a little league game. Administrators made phone calls home and held multiple classroom discussions to inform parents and students about the pressing issue of drug use in Webster Groves. Ten known students from Webster were sent to rehab or drug therapy.

One might argue that drug use was a problem in the 2010-2011 school year; however, it is still debated between students, staff and law enforcement whether heavy drug use is still a concern.

According to school police officer Erich Weimer, drugs still persist to be a problem in Webster Groves.

“There’s a stat that Webster Groves is probably one of the top three counties for drug overdoses,” said Weimer. “Webster is a more liberal, free-spirited community, and with that comes issues with drugs.”

As far as drug prevention, Weimer said the best way to prevent drug use is to educate the youth about drugs.

“I think the more knowledge a person has of a specific drug, and the damage it can cause, the better chance they have of stopping or preventing drug use,” said Weimer.

The point at which drug use becomes a problem is commonly disputed — whether it be marijuana, prescription or heavy drug use. However, Weimer said, “Any type of drug use on a daily basis is abuse.”

Reflecting on heroin use in Webster, Weimer said, “Last year was a tough year for that. A lot of people use drugs as an escape from their problems. I think drug use will always be an issue.”

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