Drug use is debated in community


Kevin Killeen and Addie Conway


Editor in Chief and Columnist

2010-2011: the word “heroin” was thrown around like a baseball at a little league game. Administrators made phone calls home and held multiple classroom discussions to inform parents and students about the pressing issue of drug use in Webster Groves. Ten known students from Webster were sent to rehab or drug therapy.

One might argue that drug use was a problem in the 2010-2011 school year; however, it is still debated between students, staff and law enforcement whether heavy drug use is still a concern.

There are differing opinions within the student body as to whether the heroin problem has been solved.

“I feel like since we’ve assessed the main problem, we’re only doing better,” said senior Ben Kemper. “Everyone’s being doing their part to help the make the situation better.”

“I don’t think so,” said junior Reece Hartsfield. “I mean, I think the administration has gotten more careful but a lot of the drug use is still hidden. Other than last year’s meetings, the administration hasn’t done much this year, but I mean, what can you do when it goes off campus?”

Students said a lot of the drug problem comes from what group of friends they have or the influences that they are under. Students also felt the administration went a little too far when it called students who were suspected of being on heroin.

“At Hixson, we only had one drug education class. Drugs are almost never discussed at the high school, and we only have one or two classes, like health, that do discuss them, but in them, we only talk about what happens after you get addicted. Never before,” said Bristow.

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