Staff Editorial: Parking problems getting old

Permanent Substitute Dwayne Kirksey tickets an illegally parked car in the senior lot. (Photo by Sebastian Sabev)

Parking at WGHS has been a much bigger problem the past few months than it should be.

The main problem is people with parking passes don’t have places to park, and that shouldn’t happen with the $50 price of a parking pass.

Before it was really bad, there would be times where the senior lot would be packed, the junior lot would be crammed with cars, and some students would just be fortunate enough to find that empty spot or two in the staff parking lot.

The senior lot might have been out of marked parking spots; however, some students wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Some would run the curb and park in the grass, while another lucky student or two would just take up the fire lane. These makeshift spots haven’t run well with the administration though.

Lately, some students have been pulled out of class to move their cars out of unmarked spots, which is kind of pointless unless it’s clearly blocking passage, which in most cases it isn’t.

The school administrators need to stop worrying about things like that and work more towards fixing the real problems.

Administrators have been making a couple positive strides recently, from things such as the recent parking pass bust (read more on page four) to faculty monitoring the entrance of the lots at lunch, but they really need to keep it at that and make sure they are focusing on the problems that actually matter.

It’s time for all of this to settle down. For people who didn’t get passes, it’s too late to change that. Come early and try to get one of the few spots on Selma Avenue or Bradford Street. If not, then just head on over to Lockwood Avenue and walk a little, but for the people who do have passes, the school should be a bit more lenient.

Don’t make students move cars if they’re not causing problems; there are more important things to worry about.

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