2-sport athlete ends senior year football season

Senior Rayshawn Simmons faces senior Pat Connors at a basketball practice in Robert’s Gym on Wednesday, Dec. 6. (Photo by Kevin Killeen)

Matt Simmons
Staff Writer

Senior Rayshawn Simmons is coming off a fantastic senior season in football and is gearing up for basketball season.

Simmons earned All-State honors in football and broke the team’s single season passing record. He was the leader of the Statesmen, who went 9-2 this year.

“I love football,” said Simmons. “but there’s nothing like stepping on the court and doing my thing.”

Simmons is still disappointed about the way his football career ended. He received a concussion which knocked him out of the game and basically ended the Statesmen’s season.

“It was a hard thing for me to handle. I was ready to get back to the (Edwards Jones) Dome,” said Simmons. “Now I’m ready to win State in basketball.”

“Ray is a great competitor and obviously has great talent,” said Coach Jay Blossom, “but his leadership ability will prove if he’s a great player or not.”

In the Statesmen’s final game last season, a loss to Chaminade, Simmons showed his potential. Simmons went head to head with Division I athlete and potential NBA star Brad Beal. Simmons was able to keep up with the 6’3″ Beal as Simmons scored 33 points to Beal’s 40.

“That game was a heart-breaker, but a huge step for Ray as a player,” said Coach Blossom

The team has a few question marks this year, but Simmons has the ability to make this team a contender.

Simmons wants to play Division I basketball, but he is uncertain if he will. He has been getting a few Division II looks so far, but no major Division I schools.

“I think Ray definitely has the talent to go D –I,” said senior guard Brennan Coltrane. “As a team we got to help him get there.”

Simmons, and the Statesmen, will look to start the season in the PNC Webster Challenge Thursday, Dec. 8, against Miller Career Academy.

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