Faculty group helps fund student needs

n the guidance office Earmarks Jewelry is in a glass case open for all to shop and buy. Prices range from $5 to 25. (Photo by Sydney Gran)

Sydney Gran
Staff Writer

For five years Webster Groves High School has benefited students in a way students would never think, by selling jewelry.

In the guidance counseling office, is a glass case holds numerous pieces of jewelry, which is sold for students and smaller things the school may need help with purchasing.

Any profit made goes directly to students in need of extra money, or if there is a bigger situation where WGHS needs the money itself, then profits go towards that. An example would be if a student’s needs money to help pay for an ACT of SAT fund, Earmarks is there to help.

“Personally it is important to me because it helps the kids” said Pam Mahoney, one of the women who contributes towards the jewelry sold. The team has made close to $2,000, and business for the charity continues to thrive.

“They are very unique pieces of jewelry, and all beneficial towards the students” said Mahoney. The pieces sold in the guidance counseling office are unique and intricate pieces, because they are all hand made.

The women who make these pieces include Pam Mahoney, Barb Smith, Flo Meirer, Marsha Dempsey and Pat Forugia.

The women receive beads and other material needed for making the jewelry most, through donations from outside jewelers or anyone who is willing to donate needed material.

Starting off wasn’t all that easy though. Some of these women took classes to better their skills in jewelry making, to really draw the buyer in. With the skills developed in making this jewelry they have been able to sell the jewelry in auctions and local events that allows venders like Earmarks to some in.

“It helps the students get things they need that maybe they wouldn’t be able to get,” Barbara Smith, counseling department secretary.

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