ECHO writers review St. Louis haunted houses

Lemp Mansion, 3500 Lemp Avenue, as one of the more genuine and popular haunted Houses in St. Louis, is open Oct. 14 to 31. (Photo from

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Halloween brings many attractions including haunted houses like The Lemp Brewery, Creepy World and The Darkness.


Lemp Brewery

The Lemp Brewery at 3500 Lemp Ave. in Soulard is one of the scariest haunted houses in area, especially because it is believed to actually be haunted.

The line outside wasn’t that long (about 30-45 minutes) early in October, but later in the month, lines can be three to four hours. Outside the door, radio station booths played music and handed out flyers or candy.

Entering the house, visitors find five stories of old thin winding stairs to go down. The surroundings are very realistic, with concrete walls and floors that look as if they were falling apart.

Performers’ costumes and makeup were could lead one to believe the supernatural manifestations were real.

Lemp Brewery costs $20 for a regular ticket and $50 for a speed pass.


Creepy World

Creepy World is America’s biggest haunted scream park. A scream park is different from a haunted house because it has more than one attraction and not just one. It takes over an hour to get through all seven different mini haunted houses.

This year Creepy World was featured on Weather Channel’s top 10 scream parks in America, and it was rated St. Louis’s biggest haunted house with the most attendance.

The first attraction, SAW 3D, places visitors in scenes from the Saw movies.

Then there is a drive in movie scene to walk through, where dead teenagers lurk everywhere to jump out at patrons.

New this year is the “Hornbuckle Hogs and Corn Maze.” Visitors have to run through a pig farm while the farmer tries to capture them.

Then, there is a hay ride which was really scary and a tunnel where things fall on visitors heads.

Next is Silo X, though it wasn’t really rememberable, and the last thing to run through is Chainsaw Ally, where people chase visitors with chainsaws to their cars.

The cost is $23 for an adult ticket and $30 for a speed pass. It is located in downtown St. Louis off South Broadway and Carol Street next to Soulard Market/Soulard Market Apartments.


The Darkness

Darkness owners spent more than $1 million on improvements from last year and was voted one of the top haunted houses in the entire country,

Upgrades include the haunted greenhouse with a man-eating Venus Flytrap, a new Terror Visions 3D exhibit, crazed clowns and disturbed ice cream men. The Darkness is 30,000 square feet of haunted attraction. Visitors are stalked, chased and taunted.

The Darkness opened in 1994, and from its very first year the “St. Louis Post-Dispatch” rated it the best haunted house in St. Louis. It is located in downtown St. Louis off South Broadway and Carol Street next to Soulard Market/Soulard Market Apartments, and costs $20 for each person.

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