Field hockey beats last year’s record

Sophomore Teresa Fuhrmann and junior Carly Cressler fight for the ball during their match up against Kirkwood. (Photo from Diana Linsley)

Samantha Brown
Web Editor

Last year, the women’s field hockey team went six and 16 and gave up 87 goals.

This year, the program has beat last year’s win total having a record of 10-5-2 and only giving up 18 goals.

The field hockey program has also acquired a new head coach, science teacher and soccer coach Chris Allen.

About how he had changed the program this year, Allen said, “I haven’t; the girls have. The program has become more competitive; we have winning expectations and pride in ourselves.”

Sophomore Allie Mantia said about Allen, “He is a good motivator and created a positive influence on the program.”

“Coach Allen has changed the commitment, work ethic and pride for the program,” said Coach Patti Perkins.

“I think this is all a huge step from last year, definitely in a positive direction,” said junior Carly Cressler. “Allen has the type of motivation we need to turn our sport around into something serious and not just a joke.”

“I’m currently working on the mentality. The program lacks some toughness, and we are hoping for a winning season,” said Allen.

“A main goal we have is to have more athletes want to be part of the program,” said Perkins.

“This year the program is different because we’re actually winning games, and the team has come together a lot,” said sophomore Bonnie Kerr.

“Last year no one took the team seriously. We wouldn’t care if we lost games because we expected to. This year we expect to win,” added Cressler.

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