Dance team kicks off football season

Dance team members freshman Allie Jones, senior Perri Edwards, junior Libby Paccotte and freshman Maddie Glad practice their toe touch before their pre-game performance. ( photo by Addie Conway)

Sydney Gran
Staff Writer

Dance Team performed at a varsity football game for the first time at the second home game of this season, Friday, Sept. 2.

Students like senior Rayshawn Simmons and sophomore Katylen Haniford, questioned the dance team performing at football games.

“I like the band. I like the band by themselves because we have a nice band,” said Simmons. Students like Simmons had mixed feelings about the dance team performing because they were comfortable with the performances before.

Haniford added, “Dance team should stick to performing at pep rallies; that’s what they do.”

Dance team member Skyla Yokley said about the performance, “It was a little nerve racking at times when you think about it, but I’ve been doing this for the past three years. It was so exciting, but I stayed calm.”

Lizzie Thomson, cheerleading coach, said, “I think this will give them a bigger opportunity to be seen, and I think the public, not just the student body, will start to develop and appreciation of what they are capable of.”

Coach Thomson was the one who proposed the idea of dance team performing at football games since cheerleaders are continuously performing throughout the

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