Physics instructor continues teaching past retirement age for personal joy


Physics teacher Phillip Wojak goes over some worksheets with senior Bridget Voda. (Photo by Felisha Smith)

Felisha Smith
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Teaching math or science since 1959, 74-year-old Philip Wojak wouldn’t trade his job for “anything, well maybe to be a mining engineer. I like rocks and have a minor in geology,” said Wojak.

The oldest teacher in Webster has taught pre-calculus, algebra, trigonometry and physics.

“I love kids,” Wojak said. He started teaching in Minnesota and has not stopped since, except the one year he took off to get his minor in chemistry.

About how much longer he would be teaching, Wojak said, “I have no idea when I will stop. I will leave when the principal tells me to leave.”

It has been rumored that the now physics teacher, Wojak is losing money by not retiring. About this he said, “I am not collecting retirement money now, and when I do it will be the same amount of money I make now, so there is really no point in stopping what I like.”

Now that he is working part time Wojak is able to collect social security. With social security one can work only a certain number of hours a year.

“I have never taught for the money. It’s not about that, I continue to teach just because I love it,” said Wojak.

“He is really funny. I can tell he really enjoys his job,” said senior Jonathan Puricelli.

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