High school students can save on insurance

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Phillip Solari
Staff Writer

“(Car insurance is) way too much. They only charge that much so the CEOs of the companies can die extremely rich,” junior Lee Hyde said.

Carcontrol.com shows the average 16- year-old pays anywhere from $200- $300 a month for car insurance, but there are some ways to pay less.

Several insurance companies state they charge teen drivers so much for car insurance because teens are a high risk.

Students may not agree, but if driver’s text, they are 23 times more likely to get in a crash. Carcontrol.com said a teenager is killed in a car crash every 64 ½ minutes, and said 85 percent of crashes by 16-year-old drivers are attributed to “Driver Error,” not speed, drugs, nor alcohol.

Students who pay for their own car insurance may find it to be a waste of money, or for other students, it may be the only thing from keeping them out of the car that has been parked on the street for a month now. Some students may work several jobs to pay for their car insurance,

“I have a winter job, and I do a lot of grass cutting over the summer,” said Hyde. Insurance companies are known for “over charging” teens on their car insurance, he said.

Even though students may find car insurance over-priced, there are ways to save. All State Insurance said students under age 25 can save up to 20 percent on car insurance by having good grades and can save 10 percent just by having anti-lock brakes in the car.

American Family Insurance said students could be eligible for a discount for having factory-installed air bags and offer a “good driver discount”.

One of the least expensive insurance companies is the USAA, an insurance company eligible for any military families.

Using these tips and talking to an insurance agent or asking family to talk to an agent are a few ways to save on the next car insurance bill.

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