Female athlete joins JV football team

Sophomore Azia Willis stretches during the half time of the game against Kirkwood. The Statesmen went on to lose that game 23-13. (Photo by Sydney Gran)

Joshua Willis
Staff Writer

Linebackers are usually thought to be 6 foot 2 inches and somewhere around 200 pounds. This year the football program has a player that doesn’t meet that criteria.

Sophomore Azia Willis isn’t that 200 pounder or that 6 footer, but she is a linebacker and she plays on the junior varsity football team.

“I’m not treated like a girl, so I don’t know what it’s like to be treated like one on the team,” said Willis.

“There has been multiple female football players here at WGHS,” said head coach Clifford Ice. “There was one that really stood out; she was a female that played back in 2001.” She was a kicker.

“It’s okay having a girl on my team; I have had females on teams with me before, so it’s really nothing new to me,” sophomore Donvonte Johnson said.

“It’s good to see somebody have the confidence to play on the team and do well,” said Coach Dwayne Kirksey.

“Females have the right to play if they so choose, but don’t expect forgiveness for being a female,” said freshman cheer coach

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