Theft continues to rise in school

Electronics like iPhones are commonly stolen in places like the cafeteria or the locker room. Photo by Jimmy Rizzo.

Jimmy Rizzo
Staff Writer

Theft continues to be a problem in high school and little is being done by students.
While it is easy to blame administration and Officer Erich Weimer, students do not take the correct preventive actions to keep their electronics safe. Things students can do to keep their electronics safe is keep them at home or in their pockets, not leave them unattended and keep them locked up during after school activities.
If students do get something stolen, the first thing to be done is report it to administration the moment they realize it has been stolen and tell them who they think may have been the thief.
Weimer said, “In about 20 to 30 minutes a stolen electronic will already be out of the hands of whoever stole it.”
If students tell administrators immediately, they will even hold a class to help students get their electronics back. Weimer can’t search students unless it is reasonable, but administration has a little more leniency with searching. In some cases they will search students with reasonable cause.
 “Ninety percent of theft happens during lunch when a student leaves their electronic unattended or when they leave it in the locker room not locked away,” said Weimer.
It is extremely rare for students to have something stolen from them directly out of their pockets or even when they are around the item.
“The success rates for returning stolen items are a little over 50 percent,” said principal Jon Clark.
The cameras can be helpful, but cameras are not in the locker rooms where a lot of theft occurs.
“The best thing to help you get your electronic back is to tell me or administration, and tell us who you think might’ve taken it,” said Weimer.
There is a tracking device application available for iPhones. Other things students can do are getting their names and email addresses engraved onto the back of their electronics and to set passwords on their electronics.
If students are caught stealing, they will be arrested and suspended. If they can’t give the stolen item back, they will be charged with fines depending on how much the item costs.
Clark added, “Fortunately we are in a school where we have more electronics and items turned in than we do stolen.”
Electronics can only be claimed with a serial code.
“Students should always keep track of their security codes,” said Weimer.
In the end it is up to the students to keep their valuables within eye sight and to lock them in a locker or in cars.

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