Senior Stanley Hinkle gets ready for volleyball season

Photo by Mallory Hubbard

Nora Swearingen

Staff Writer

Stanley Hinkle, senior Varsity volleyball player, has played for about four years, starting in high school. Hinkle started playing volleyball on Varsity his freshman year.

His favorite thing about playing volleyball is, “I’m good at it. The position I play is right side, outside,” Hinkle said.

“I play volleyball at Webster, but I also play club, St. Louis high performance, USA stuff, and I’m in pipeline too,” Hinkle said.

About whether this year was going to be better than last year, he answered, “We don’t hate each other like we did last year, so yeah. We had our problems last year.”

“What made me want to play was that I saw a flyer for volleyball at Hixson, and my brother made me go. My brother played volleyball for about five years.”

About who the strongest players on varsity are, Hinkle said, “Ryan Mahl and Scott Lilly are really good, but then again everyone’s really good.”

A manager of the men’s volleyball team provided her input on the team.

Allie Powers, sophomore, said “I’m a manager of the men’s volleyball team. As a manager, we go to all the games and provide support for practices. The team looks really good this year. “

New volleyball player, Edgar Giles, senior, said,

“I am a volleyball player. I have been going to practice. I might be little late sometimes but I’ll be there.”

About who the strongest player is, “I’ll go with Stanley aka Mandingo warrior,” Giles said.

“It’s my first year, and what I like most about volleyball is that it’s very easy. All I have to do is rely on my jumping abilities, but it’s very time consuming. I’m used to having cheerleaders though. I really am sad that we don’t have cheerleaders to cheer along with us since I have been told we are going to State. Stanley’s going to help get us there. We are supposed to be really good. Our team seems to get along and work as a whole. We get along more than the basketball and football teams, and the coach is cool; she’s very hard on me. She makes me do a lot of ups and downs, towel walks or something whenever I’m late, which are very hard. She always pushes me, so I think she’s a real good coach.” Said Giles.

Volleyball season began Tuesday, March 29th, with a home Varsity game against Eureka High School. JV also played Eureka.

Helen Buckley coaches the Varsity men’s team, and JV is coached by Veronica Bretzke.

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