Best Pizza in Webster

Nora Swearingen
Staff Writer

Webster Groves has a variety of styles of pizza: Chicago, New York, St. Louis, but Dewey’s has the best pizza in Webster Groves. This addition to Webster Groves has sparked interest in the community. Dewey’s is clean, has great service and a music selection ranging from Van Morrison to Wilco.

 “I will definitely come back,” said Allie Powers, sophomore.

Just walking into the restaurant results in a very nice welcome from a manager, and customers can order half-and-half pizza–half of of a pizza could be Dewey’s Killer Veggie pizza, with various veggies and a red sauce, and the other half could be Dewey’s Southwest BBQ Chicken pizza, with olive oil and chicken. The pizza can take less than 10 minutes to make and comes out looking like a masterpiece. One sample had a great, slightly spicy sauce, mozzarella cheese, and a whole lot of glorious toppings. The price of a half Dewey’s Original and half Killer Veggie is $13.95. The price can vary from a small size ($8.95) to a larger size ($14.45).

Racanelli’s has New York style; the crust makes the pizza, and needs to be tough enough to be able to transport while walking (and to possibly fight off muggers), according to native New Yorkers. This is, by far, the best when it is freshly made. One will always have the chance to get a reheated slice, but this is no where as good as when it has just been made. Racanelli’s seems clean and has fast service: it takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Also, the slice at Racanelli’s  is very large, and all of the ingredients are made fresh. The crust on this pizza is unique, very thick and crunchy. The price of a 16-inch cheese pizza is $14, without tax.

Onto St. Louis­­-style pizza. Imo’s and Elicia’s are both places that feature thin-style crust. They look very similar and taste almost identical. Both places are very light on the sauce and have cracker-thin crust. Imo’s had faster service, a cheaper price, and a better tasting pizza. The price of a 16-inch cheese pizza at Elicia’s is $12.74, while a 16-inch cheese pizza at Imo’s is $11.95.

 Based on cost, the best deal would be Imo’s pizza. Based on taste, there might have to be a tie. Racanelli’s and Dewey’s both have really great tasting pizza.

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