Fashion or disgrace?:Leggings show too much

Serenity Barron
Staff Writer

Girls have indulged in the fashion of wearing skin tight leggings in the place of pants. Leggings originally were meant to be worn under skirts and dresses, not alone.

Leggings should not be worn without another article of clothing over them that would cover their butt because of their thin quality and ability to cling to one’s body. One cannot be deemed dressed, or at least dressed appropriately, when wearing them without proper coverage.

It is puzzling that parents allow their daughters to leave the house looking like they do. It was once considered taboo for women to show the shape of their legs, and now not only do they accent the shape of their legs, they accent their underwear line, and everything the underwear covers.

Freshman Christy Manuel said, “Sometimes they are see-through, and that’s disgusting.”

“It depends on how long the shirt is, and if they are thin leggings, uh-uh,” said freshman Jocelyn Harteing.

Others say it is okay as long as the girl isn’t overweight.

“People who don’t have the figure to wear tight pants shouldn’t wear them because we don’t want to see more than we have to,” said sophomore Suzanne Quinn. Still, a good figure doesn’t give a girl the right to dress like a tramp even if it might be a bit better if there is not as much showing.

What is the incentive to wearing these leggings inappropriately?

“My friends wear them just because they are comfortable,” said junior Taylor Smith.

“I wear them as pants because it’s a fashion statement,” said freshman Morgan Garrison.

However, is it really fashionable to be putting it all out there? It is just plain trashy and disrespectful to the school and the student. The clothing one wears to school should be respectful to the teachers and the education one is receiving. One wouldn’t wear leggings as pants to a job, so one shouldn’t wear them to school. This is the same reason hats and pajama pants are also restricted in the dress code.

Men shouldn’t be having their boxers hang out for the same reason, and the honest truth is that it’s not attractive. It also says something about a person if he/she letting everything be seen out in public.

“Follow the skirt rule, the shirt or top should cover what should be covered,” vice principal John M. Thomas said.

Ever girl should follow this piece of the dress code and what should be common knowledge.

“Any article of clothing that is deemed a distraction, the staff would have them change,” Thomas said.

Staff needs to enforce this rule. It’s worse than wearing a hat, which they enforce daily. It may be easier to say “take off your hat” than “you need to be a bit more covered, change into pants,” but it needs to be done for the rules are in place for a reason. We really don’t want to see more than we have to. Girls should rethink what they put in the morning, and guys should use their belts.

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