Editorial: School’s efforts to be green could be better

“Our school proudly recycles,” said junior Brianna Hickey.
Most students, like Hickey think our school does everything it can to help the environment. Little do they know there is more we could do.
In every classroom there are two bins, one for recycling and the other for trash. Everyday the teachers are asked to take the recycling out to the recycling dumpster when convenient to them. If they forget or simply don’t have the time, the janitors will do it for them.
The only problem with this is, if the janitors see that students have put trash into a recycling bin the whole thing gets put into the trash.
“It’s not the janitors’ responsibility to sort through it for us,” said science teacher and environmental club sponsor Greg Weiland.
Students should encourage their teachers to take out the bins, and  student assistants should take the bins out for their teachers. A simple solution would be to make sure we only put paper, plastic or glass in the blue bins the rest in the trash.
“I see paper in the trash bins all the time,” said senior Stephanie Lester.
Styrofoam plates and bowls are used to serve lunch in the cafeteria. According to Webster Groves “Single Stream Reclycling Guide,” Styrofoam is not recyclable.
All plates and bowls used have to be thrown in the trash, which makes it way to landfills and takes up to a million years to decompose, according to Behealthyandrelax.com. we do use plastic utensils at lunch, but they almost all end up in the trash.
Switching to plastic, which can be completely recycled could solve this. 
Also there should be recycling bins in the cafeteria. Finally, students should be encouraged to re-use old worksheets instead of a whole new sheet of paper to take notes.

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