Athlete makes perfect score on SAT

Juliana Kehoe
Staff Writer

Schools like Loyola Marymount, Stanford University, and Pepperdine require the SAT to be taken for college admission, and those are three choices of senior Kendal Shell, who got a perfect score on the critical reading portion of his SAT.
“I might as well give you my entire resume!” Shell said with a laugh, about the activities he’s involved in.

The SAT test is a standard assessment that is not required at the majority of colleges and universities in the United States, but many of the country’s best do require two or more SAT subject tests. While getting a perfect score on your SAT is challenging, getting a perfect score on the SAT and getting into the college of choice, is not.

Playing basketball, baseball, the trumpet in the marching band, playing in wind symphony, going to PBIS, being a French and math tutor and continuing to be a straight A student, Shell said “takes a lot of time management and prioritizing, like knowing what’s most important.”

Shell said his favorite activity is basketball. “My dad’s a basketball referee, so it just sort of runs in the family,” Shell said. “I like basketball because I like competing and working with different people…I started playing when I was three for hoopsters because my two older brothers played in high school and in college and it made me want to do the same.”

After he graduates, Shell said he’d like to attend a college somewhere along the West Coast, and he wants to continue playing basketball while majoring in pre-med.

“Someone I admire is my oldest brother because he knows what he wants, so he never lets anything stop him, and that’s what I want to do,” Shell said.

While preparing for the SAT over the summer, Shell worked with different books because reading wasn’t always his strongest subject.

According to, the best ways to prepare for the SAT are to review school notes and buy an SAT Study Guide. Seniors taking the SAT, who aren’t taking some of the classes that the SAT will be focusing on, should ask to sit in on a class at school. Lastly, as Shell did, start studying in advance.

“I went to sleep early the night before [the SAT], and woke up early to eat a good breakfast…I brought M&M’s and I think the M&M’s where the key,” Shell teased.

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