Drama presents Noises Off as fall plays

Senior Timothy Smith and junior  Denise Hart in drama class
Senior Timothy Smith and junior Denise Hart perform a mirroring exercise in fourth hour drama class. (photo by Samantha Brown)

Samantha Brown
Staff Writer

“This play is a lesson about what to do when you do theater and what not to do when you do theater,” Todd Schaefer said about Noises Off, the fall play, to be shown Nov. 11-13. 

It is “a play within a play,” Sarah Romanowski added.  It is also about the interaction between the characters and the mayhem they create for their own lives.

Auditions for both the fall play and spring musical were around the same time this year to prevent doubling up the cast list.  There are only so many roles available.  For example, the fall play had nine casting roles available. The cast lists are smaller this year because the pieces picked to be performed are a bit more difficult than in the past.

Nathan Eswine, sophomore, is playing the part of Lloyd Dallas.  “My character is an obsessive, smart and temperamental director who is impatiently trying to piece together his play and his actors,” Eswine said. Over the summer he had read Noises Off and started developing his version of the character. 

“When I auditioned, I did so as this character I had been creating throughout the summer, hoping they’d like it,” Eswine added. 

Eswine appeared as George Hay in last years play, “Moon Over Buffalo.”

Due to time constraints, the fall musical was switched to a play since the set for the play is a lot more complex and needs to turn on itself and be two stories, so this setting could not be in the Little Theatre. 

Romanowski and Schaefer hope the play will be nominated for a state competition. 

“Teachers from all over the state will come and adjudicate the show and on December first we will find out if we were nominated to perform at the state level,” Romanowski said.

 Once at the state level, they will be determined for the national level, “and hopefully be nominated to perform then in Lincoln, NE over the summer,” Romanowski added.

The cast is starting its long journey now getting ready for this production.

 Casting is also getting ready to begin for Rabbit Hole.  It is a multiracial play.  It will take students off campus to Black Cat Theater in Maplewood in December.  It will run for two weeks.

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  1. We saw “Moon over Buffalo” last year, we thought it was great. Especially Nathan Eswine he did a Awesome job. We laugh the whole way through.
    Can’t wait to see Noises Off.

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